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Thanks for sharing! It was called Kumasi in our family, boiled in pork broth………..ancestors are from Drammen. Thank you for the information! He called it Klub. "Norwegian Klub brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar. OMG!! Your email address will not be published. Sounds SO good, Nancy! Fried in butter until crunchy on the outside but still creamy and soft on the inside. These sound so intriguing! Because we add the salt, pepper and garlic when we fry them, we dolop sour cream on top. Norwegians (Norwegian: nordmenn) are a North Germanic ethnic group native to Norway. I don’t know what part of Norway we are from, but we call it Kumra. Start Of course swimming in melted butter is always a winner too!!!!! We don’t bother melting the butter as it melts immediately on the hot Kumla anyway since a full platter is emptied in minutes. Click here to start your own cookbook! I think she got the recipe from a Swedish neighbor and maybe misunderstood Kumla as the woman had an accent. My Mother would make similar Potato Dumplings only sans the Pork. She did not make them into balls, just dropped the dough into boiling water. I am in my 40s now and have never made them on my own. google_ad_height = 600; I wouldn’t say they taste like gnocchi, but the texture is similar. We have also stuffed it with a chunk of ham. Our family’s favorite for the holiday along with lefse. No meat inside, as they are served in a bowl with the yummy ham broth and chunks of ham that they are cooked in. Good luck! We have to tripple the batch so we can have more the next day…cut up and FRIED!!! In Stavanger / southwestern Norway they call it Kumle and sere it similar to in Bergen. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5165746306112379"; I like mine fried leftovers served with butter, sugar, sourcream and salted meats. Fill the intestines with the mixture. My mom was Swedish When we would go back to North Dakota my family always made this. Yum! There it is huge and softer and made with a sizable nugget of salty fatty pork (flesk) inside, and served with butter and sugar or tyttebær and sometimes bacon crumbles. In Bergen where I lived as a child it was called Raspeballer and was served with melted butter, sausages (vossakorv), salty lamb meat, bacon, rutabaga (boiled or mashed) and potatoes. Blood Klub (Hildeborg Olson) 14 c. ground raw potatoes 1 1/2 c. beef blood 1 c. rye flour 1 c. crushed dry bread crumbs 1/2 c. salt 3/4 tsp. Also, no flour in the lithuanian receipe . I hate it when I go to fork a last piece of Klub and there is no salt pork for that bite. We love making them for family get Together’s! We love to fry up left overs in butter for breakfast the next day. Our family has had pute klub for generations. Jackson KGNorwegian Blood℗ 2020 Jackson KGReleased on: 2020-12-25Auto-generated by YouTube. They all sound wonderful Thanks for sharing! Also, I haven’t had that problem (turning black or gray the next day). Thank you!! We add white onion to the mix and even substituting with a gluten free flour is still just as yummy. In most regions it’s common to pan fry the fleftovers. We made this with a small piece of salt pork in the middle. George, in my dad’s family it was called Kumla, similar to your family’s Kumra. Either way they’ve been a family favorite for all these yrs. Males grow larger than females. Sometimes it was made with potatoes but mostly with just flour, salt and pepper and a half milk, half water mix. we diced the remaining salt pork block up and fried until crunchy and saved the fat, When Kumpa was finished we drizzled the fat and some of the diced pork and a little sugar…..It is to die for. Director: Jan Troell | Stars: Max von Sydow, Ghita Nørby, Anette Hoff, Gard B. Eidsvold. I have never tried with green onions, so I will try that! I’m sure different regions had different takes on this dish. Usually serve with slow-cooked pork chops in mushroom gravy, and got to have that butter. Some Norwegians use cooked barley, suete, salt, pepper, and flour. Human translations with examples: sir, sodium, na lak, na kub, na krub, susu on, aroi na, love you, yes dear. The results of DNA analysis of male volunteers from Orkney – carried out in connection with the BBC Television programme Blood of the … My family is Swedish but my family has made these forever. Some people add a bit of cream of tartar, lemon juice or part of a vitamin C tablet to stop the potatoes turning grey. Family cookbooks are an important way to preserve our mealtime traditions for future generations with individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook. Place filling in center and fold together. My family line Dyrness make Kumla boiled with a ham bone and serve ham on the side. I’d maybe just try a GF flour blend and go from there. Share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #CheapRecipeBlog. She would then make a milk gravy with the leftover ham and onion mixture. Medical products such as blood bags and tubing are often made from soft PVC, a plastic that contains phthalate plasticizers, which are suspected to be harmful to human health. I would love to feature it on my social media channels. Glad to have come across this post!! If you have a grinder, you may grind the potatoes instead of grating. My aunt made these as i was growing up but i never knew how to make them, thank you so very much now i know and cant wait to try. I love it (without the blood), We always make Cole slaw for balance. From Thai Language a polite way to end a sentence use by men. Flour, baking soda and salt. It's easy and fun. Love it – thanks for sharing your story! The clubs were formed and the pork and onion mixture put in the center. If you make any of these recipes yourself, please share a photo with me! In Trønderlag they also call it Klubb serve it with a sauce called duppe (Klubb og duppe) which is a white sauce with added brown cheese, and top it off with crispy bacon crumbles. Cut up and add butter. I know that happens with raw grated potatoes, but not sure why it would happen after they’re cooked. They used to make something which sounds  very similar in someways, (I don’t know how to spell it but they called it puttygrout). We would have a huge bowl of potatoes, add salt, baking powder, a little sugar and then lots of flour. They share a common culture and speak the Norwegian language.Norwegian people and their descendants are found in migrant communities worldwide, notably in the United … Lefse is another favorite. Then make into tennis ball sizes and stuff cubed piece of Salt Pork in the middle and boil in water about 3 hours, stirring in between. Has anyone tried this? We would put cloves in the mixture and they turn grey. This is so interesting, Linda! It sounds similar. A study into the genetic heritage of Orcadian men in 2000/2001 confirmed a distinctly Scandinavian influence, with the make-up of their Y-chromosomes very similar to that of modern Norwegians.. I love these, I grew up with my mother and grandmother cooking them. Shaped into balls. Just be sure to add enough flour, or they will disintegrate when cooking! Our recipe box is overflowing with traditional Our family has made this for years, and call it Krub. My grandmother would shred raw, peeled potatoes,add baking soda, flour, crumbled bacon and bake in a greased iron skillet for x min., flip cake over and bake for x min, then pour a little milk over the cake, cover. Excitement about particular foods can be contagious. My grandmother was german and made something called Knatchens (have no idea how to spell it). Melted butter drizzled over after they’re boiled and leftovers are fried in butter, cut up. So yummie with salt prk in the middle and lots and lots of butter. A bad taste extreme low budget splatter movie filled with zombies, witches and gallows of blood, just to save your day. We use diced ham and onion in the middle with allspice. Bridal Shower ideas and (As my poor sister in law learned the first time she tried making them.) All I remember is that she would grate the potatoes and not sure what else she added but I do remember her adding bacon to them. I peel and grate an entire small bag of potatoes, add salt to taste and stir/knead in flour until it is not sticky – makes about 45 balls. They are boiled.. Do you mean the raw potato dumplings that the Bohemian ethnicity make because if that’s what you mean I have not a recipe but instructions that my grandmother gave me over 40 years ago. Mom would dice up ham, and fry with onions, before putting a spoon full in the middle. I used about 2 cups of flour, but start with one and go from there. My grandmother’s family immigrated from Norway, her and my dad (both have since passed) an this passed with them. Love  love love these! Search for more great recipes here from The potatoe was grated with flour and 1 egg added. bake for 10 min. I am lucky to get help from my mom when I make them – she is happy to help out and expedite the process! More oatmeal makes the ball less floury tasting. I’ll have to try yours sometime soon. She would also cook them differently by letting them simmer in hot Milk for about an hour rather than boiling them and serve them in a dish with the milk included, kind of like a Stew. Anyway the potatoes were boiled, then mashed and mixed with flour and salt until they were very stiff and stacked. The dumplings are stuffed with ground pork or beef (some do cottage cheese) and onions and s and p to taste. Also, why would there be s!all black or actually just gray areas in the dumplings the next day? It is made different ways, depending on the Nationality. Then we sliced them like fried potatoes and fried it in butter and a little extra chopped bacon and onion. Cheap Recipe Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Oddly enough, these potato dumplings call for the same ingredients as gnocchi: Potatoes, flour, and eggs. What kind of potatoes ate best to use? pepper 14 c. flour Mix all ingredients. I was raised on these! How inexpensive, and they look absolutely delicious!!! I have made it the same way for my whole life and to my knowledge all my cousins make it the same way. You want the ingredients to stick together. I’ve only boiled in water. Seems like everyone does it a little different – the allspice addition sounds great! Love this stuff. My great aunt likes to make sweet and sour cabbage to serve with it, but I don’t like that stuff. However, you can also order the vegan versions at restaurants, substituting egg, … We can sympathise with both sides of the debate. Featured Recipes Sons of Norway members enjoy full access to all the recipes — from soups and salads to desserts and main dishes. Different regions have different names and very different accompaniments to this dish. Includes recipes for rosettes, potato balls, cloudberry cream, Norwegian sweet soup, rommegrøt, rulle polse, and three recipes for lefse. The biggest difference is that gnocchi is made with cooked mashed potatoes, and the dumplings are made with raw, grated potatoes. They served it with fried bacon on the side. For years, I have not made it, but today, I did. google_ad_width = 160; Those suspicious of its blood content, studs of fat and strong flavour wont touch it with a bargepole. You’ve inspired me. We don’t use eggs, oatmeal or any kind of meat inside it and we boil in a broth from a ham bone. Have not used egg before ,but will try it. I have used bacon when I couldn’t find the salt pork. I am making a batch as I type. One thing I have learned over the years is that there are as many ways to make it as there are last names….Norsk AND Chinese. Hi Ruby – I wish I knew the recipe you were referring to, but I don’t. My mother would grind the potatoes and Jun 19, 2014 - This is my Norwegian Krub ( as it is known in Northwestern Minnesota ). Can you use red potatoes instead of russet potatoes? As she did, I use my Universal grinder to grind the potatoes and onion. OMG I love this and probably make some tomorrow. You eat it with butter. Next day it’s chopped, fried, then cream added to make a gravy – so delicious!! They were all from Minot North Dakota. 5 lbs grated potatoes, 1 cup of oatmeal, 5-6 cops of flour, 1tsp baking powder, some salt and pepper, and spare rib pork. Great memories !!! I can’t imagine cooking them in water. You can eat well and on a budget - I do it all the time! We use ground pork and allspice to  season the meat mixture in the center. We'll help you start your own personal cookbook! The red king crab is the largest species of king crab. 's Blod Klub recipe by Shirley and Rick, is from The Bolme Family Cookbook 2006, one of the cookbooks created at It is told from the first-person perspective of Toru Watanabe, who looks back on his days as a college student living in Tokyo. The sweetness matches the klub’s buttery and saltness flavors. Let me know if you find it. Don’t get your blood tested for cholesterol for a few days after. My grandmother always boiled them with pork neck bones and onions which gave the broth such a great flavour. My mouth is watering thinking them. Lithuanians make a variety of these called Ceppelenai (like little zeppelins) and you drain the potatoes after grating but reserve the starch at the bottom of the bowl and add it back in along with a touch of onion powder, cream of tartar for whiteness, filled with a ground meat /onion mixture and boiled, topped (like all things lithuanian) with sauteed bacon & onions and sour cream. Please contact us if you believe copyright violations have occurred. We have this every Christmas and occasionally my grandson gets his mom to make it between christmases! Today, red king crabs infrequently surpass 17 cm (7 in) in carapace width and the average male landed in the Bering Sea weighs 2.9 kg (6.4 lb). This would get served, with butter, over the Krub. Family favorite for a vey long time. That’s fascinating. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) chords The Beatles 1965 (Rubber Soul) Capo II D C G D then Individual notes for Sitar effect: e|-----|from capo B|----- Norwegian potato dumplings (potet klub) are made from a mixture of grated potato, flour, and egg. Thanks D Faul google_ad_slot = "4156777732"; It’s very important to have the ham broth to flavour the dumplings. What is it: Literally translates to ‘bent cake’, this is a common dessert cookie from Norway, made of butter, eggs, sugar, flour, and cream. We are going to move away from Germany, however, and are going to travel to Norway to make some Klubb. Votes: 236 My grandparents are 1 from Sweden and 1 from Norway, Swedes call it pult and they grind it, I prefer the texture Norwegian krub that’s shredded, but the Swedes also top it with the grease from the salt pork inside, or lots of butter, and we also use sugar on top Mmmm. Super interesting. Salt pork in the middle. My mother made them with grated fresh potatoes, flour, oatmeal (to make them a bit lighter in texture), salt and pepper, with a small square of ham tucked inside each one. I even found a boxed mix for old-fashioned Scandinavian potato dumplings. Joanne. I might have to prepare it that way for my mom and see which one she prefers . : Enough flour to make batter, as for cake. Best to use fresh blood immediately after butchering! Also, be sure to stay in touch by following Cheap Recipe Blog on Instagram! Other names are Klubb, Klub, and Potato Dumplings. Sköl!! Kumle Krub, Crube, Ball, Klubb - A Potato Dumpling By any Other Name May Not be Norwegian Olga's Recipe for making Norwegian Potato Dumplings - the Etnedal branch referred to them as crube, however I can't find that name on the net and dad's family from the west coast called them ball. We gave them the nickname lead-sinkers since they feel so heavy in your belly. We would form these into about 4 inch balls and stuff them with chopped bacon and chopped onion. Get the other traditional Norwegian recipes: These recipes are naturally cheap because they use common ingredients in creative ways. They are all potato dumplings, but for instance the “Klubb” my mum makes (we’re from a village near Trondheim) doesn’t have any meat inside it, but we have bacon bits on the side, as well as a sauce based on Norwegian brown whey cheese / goat cheese. Blod Klub Ingredients : A couple quarts pork or beef blood 3 or 4 potatoes, grated Salt, pepper & spices to suit one's own taste Flour to make a cake like batter (quite thick) Preparation : (Blood Sausage) First use salt according to amount of blood and ice cubes to cool and keep blood from clotting. One thing my mother said was to NEVER make it with New Potatoes…and I have remained true to that ever since. These will indeed put you in a delightful food induced coma! Great next morning sliced and fried with some eggs and more ham.. I’m 71 and eaten klubb a couple of times every year.