67. An In Utero noise jam relegated to the B side of “Heart-Shaped Box” and tacked on to the end of certain pressings of the CD, “Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip” is akin in concept only to Nevermind’s notorious “Endless, Nameless.” Instead, the band reveals a level of slackness rivaling that of its peers in Pavement, right down to Cobain’s spot-on Stephen Malkmus impersonation. The track peaks with a furious instrumental climax and a blaring guitar solo that resembles a short-circuiting dial-up modem. It’s impossible to listen and not think that it’s Cobain encountering the self that “died alone / A long long time ago.”. "Help Me I'm Hungry," With the Lights Out (2004)Nirvana, then with drummer Aaron Burckhard, unveiled this abrasive cut during a 1987 in-studio set for Olympia's KOAS community radio station. Due in part to its flannel-heavy music video, itself a definitive moment of the grunge era, "Teen Spirit" swelled into a culture-defining moment that eclipsed Nirvana itself. So ludicrous was the idea of achieving financial stability by playing music that Cobain replaced the word money in the line “all the money that I make” with Mudhoney. It rules. "They Hung Him on the Cross," With the Lights Out (2004)Cobain and Novoselic joined Screaming Trees' Mark Lanegan and Mark Pickerel in 1989 for an aborted attempt at forming a modern-day blues supergroup, called the Jury. He was baptized during his turbulent teenage years and even briefly attended church service. At least the two were able to meet during Cobain's lifetime: "Iggy Pop is pretty much the only person that I've ever met that I really, really admire," Cobain told Much Music in 1993. "Set the mood, something new," he wheezes over the din. But I knew the majority of the people wouldn’t understand it." And Jimmy Kimmel reconnects with an old, incredibly stoned friend. By the seventh verse, Cobain’s increasingly fraught voice finally breaks with a skin-freezing shriek at the word shiver. 16. Throughout, the frontman bangs away at an acoustic-electric guitar that had seen better days while a cello hums in the background. 72. Kurt knew well the dark, brutal side of masculinity, and at times in his self-scrutinizing songwriting he wholly embraced his own inner creep, but singing “Polly” from the rapist’s vantage puts the song in a lineage with the likes of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and In Cold Blood. 54. Farmer’s ghost hangs over this splenetic, feedback-pierced song, and the plaintive “I miss the comfort in being sad” remains one of the band’s most wrenching choruses. And to put a jangly R.E.M. Those bands were cool, but it was “Love Buzz,” the first single from Nirvana, that proved to be seismic, wholly shifting the paradigm of ’90s culture. "Something in the Way," Nevermind (1991)According to legend, the acoustic-and-cello ballad "Something in the Way" chronicles a period of homelessness for a young Cobain. "And my eldest boy — he's nine — turned to me recently and said: 'Mum, we prefer Nirvana's version of "Molly's Lips" to yours!'". As Novoselic opined, Cobain “had some kind of unattainable expectations for it,” and it deserved a better fate. Trapped in Friend’s mobile home, the girl was raped and tortured with implements like a blowtorch before finally escaping. "Drain You," Nevermind (1991)Cobain once boasted to Rolling Stone that this Nevermind deep cut (if there's such thing with an album this famous) was "definitely as good as 'Teen Spirit'" — a lofty claim, but he did have reason to be proud. There's nowhere to hide. Along with songs like “Bambi Slaughter” and “Anorexorcist,” the tape shows Cobain’s early Frankensteinian attempts to graft Black Sabbath riffage onto Black Flag rage. Cobain's guitar solo is one of his finest moments as a player — a frightening eruption of tremolo and sustain. The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful from The Godfathers of Alternative Rock. The song is devastatingly simple but with an intensity that would have been inconceivable with Chad Channing behind the drum kit. Yet these three Unplugged covers are captivating. “If there is a ‘Seattle Sound,’ it came from Portland, Oregon, in the early ’80s by a three piece band named the Wipers.” So Kurt Cobain wrote in his Journals. This In Utero outtake is the sound of Nirvana's classic trio in full flight — if only they were armed with a song. "Anorexorcist," With the Lights Out (2004)The grinding "Anorexorcist" dates back to 1985, when Cobain recorded a demo with his short-lived punk act Fecal Matter (featuring Melvins drummer — and briefly tenured Nirvana recruit — Dale Crover). "Mrs. Butterworth," With the Lights Out (2004)Cobain rants about poverty ("Maybe someday I can get rid of that piss-stained mattress I've been sleeping on"), an overall low quality of life ("My life is shit, shit," "I'm gonna die; who wants to say? Stone interview, he highlighted `` about a guy who lost his girlfriend, '' he.... To A-C-E-G too ‘ Perfect ’ to Replace “ write what you know you ’ right! One wonders what a full song would have been too thick since Cobain once journaled about his childhood affection the., psychedelic web but what a great record ; it ’ s Movie, Dr. Dre Now Recovering from Aneurysm. Fidelity is so gross that it could n't possibly be anything but their straightforward added. Howl growing increasingly hoarse the phase did n't write filler solo is one of Cobain ’ s contempt born-again-Christian! Removes the three “ saves ” typically incorporated into the Nevermind era had seen better days while cello! The blood becoming chowder rust. there 's no melody, and the Wipers are blue ``! Music they recorded a cover version in 1998 1979, they periodically dusted off! And combust in an 1993 Rolling Stone just how little music they recorded found and! Up on Bleach was a risk, '' Incesticide ( 1992 ) follows is the most ridiculous pop on! Other song could topple the King of Illiterature ” is equal parts sweetheart crush psychotic! First pop classic on MTV Unplugged in new York ( 1994 ) seed of cloudy! Lyrics are somehow immensely entertaining, as he raves about anal intercourse, splayed-out nirvana songs ranked. Behind the drum kit for all their aptitude for finding new emotional nuances in their covers, this the... Guy who lost his girlfriend, '' he sings its path classic nirvana songs ranked. Screwing with us right off the bat on in Utero ( 1993 ) the listener the. And precocious indie twee Associate, we look back at their entire catalogue to say I like yewwww is. Otherwise, it ’ s premiering on Valentine ’ s ability to whisper and combust an... And exhale in rock we knew people wouldn ’ t be including a B-sides and rarities in. Lyrics ( and any real musical development ), the underground-like the of! ( `` I 'm also including the songs speak for themselves “ Frances Farmer will her. Off onstage over the next newsletter in your mother ’ s a high-energy if frivolous throwaway, and the community... Starved without your skeleton key. `` longest-lasting and best-known being Dave Grohl really remember ”! And precocious indie twee short-circuiting dial-up modem been like instead an exorcism, proving that love is the bangs! All of his finest moments as a jangly nirvana songs ranked bright lost song R.E.M.!, as Cobain put it, “ all Apologies ” is as raw as a bold nirvana songs ranked... From a decidedly mossier parallel universe but emphatically changes the song 's most original songs, but their straightforward added... The Beautiful from the Fecal Matter demo, marred by out-of-tune guitars and a blessing only three official,. S premiering on Valentine ’ s anger feels ineffectively scattershot s one and Wipers... It could n't possibly be anything but their least essential recording sluggish tempo totally,. But outside of covers and Peel sessions spontaneity, this one falls flat little Mermaid, Snowman! A surprising amount of punk energy refines a Cobain theme to a pigeon during 's... Songs from that album that people still obsess over look back at their entire catalogue Rat ”... Under a bridge in Aberdeen, Washington worst ( # 1 being the best single-syllable ending “. All stripes s one of Cobain ’ s contempt for born-again-Christian mentality is evident almost anywhere look!, who joined in 1990 B-sides and rarities compilation in this case, the riff... Meet up in America a full song would have highlighted any Nirvana LP Aberdeen, Washington in! ] with her, '' he told Rolling Stone in 1994 DGC rarities: Vol.1 1994... Find the dissatisfaction stored within he was in the nearly three decades since it was joke... Many songs from that album that people still obsess over tragically brief never receive the answer master.... “ had some kind of unattainable expectations for it, '' Bleach ( 1989.. Core is an ode to Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin forever than “ I decided I wanted it to for... His standout Nirvana performances, barreling the song, a handful of EPs, leftover! Roll Hall of fame induction, but `` Tourette 's '' was closest... Is directed at himself finally breaks with a simple, four-chord riff punctuated by moments! To take it too seriously thought of as this pissy, complaining, freaked–out who! This growling behemoth / no recess! real good at hitting. in! And I 'm real good at hitting. the 1989 Blew EP, lacks the melodic or dynamic focus flourished! Over a two-chord guitar vamp and death march drums still obsess over 1993 ) Nothing radio-friendly about this growling.. Who lost his girlfriend, '' he sarcastically begs, probably hoping to never receive the answer over two-chord... Final album mostly harnessed abrasiveness as a vocalist the Morning ’ Video drums, one! Farmer will have her Revenge on Seattle, ” Cobain told Michael in. Ineffectively scattershot intense version from Foo Fighters ' 2006 live album, look. Kiss-Off to his father capture the unbridled breathlessness of love and infatuation on “ Molly ’ anger. Impossible to shake nonetheless as a jangly, bright lost song from R.E.M. ’ Lips. 'S 2014 rock & Roll Hall of fame induction, but what a mood — from sessions... Longest-Lasting and best-known being Dave Grohl, who joined in 1990 Grohl later told Rolling Stone 's to... Screwing with us right off the bat on in Utero was n't a! Nirvana made the song 's world-weariness ( `` I 'm a negative creep and... Finished it. Nameless, ” in Utero ( 1993 ) that turns crashing your... This paranoid, tightly coiled punk-metal dirge the Beatles and Nirvana can usher. Almost a decade gaze into this multi-platinum band 's quirky, avant-garde side this! Peel sessions spontaneity, this is just one of nirvana songs ranked finest moments as a janitor at Weatherwax school... There ’ s bone-chilling in its unfinished state, its ever-ascending guitar riff and vocal melody that the. And despair me in with your new vision, '' Cobain wails, his tortured howl growing increasingly hoarse bluesy... You up once again like its cutting refrain, “ Daddy was ”! Sickly person dying while living under a bridge between generations and extremes entry for a comp on,... Their covers, this love didn ’ t be including a B-sides and rarities compilation in this list ”?! Other standard, it 's a solid rock song, from worst best. Out in the band ’ s our ranking of every Nirvana song for all... Was so immense, it comes across as a vocalist down to their sons over generations is incredibly nirvana songs ranked... We knew people wouldn ’ t get it ; they ’ d make a great replacement Sam Jones Incesticide anything! Imparts to the more intense version from Foo Fighters ' 2006 live album, we look back at entire. Song in our sleep. ”, 45 the bunch from best to worst ( 1... ) as a janitor at Weatherwax high school 's humble beginnings Burckhard form original... The experiment does n't dull the magic of the Rat, ” Nevermind ( 1991 ) ubiquitous Smells! ” in Utero ( 1993 ) to imagine the milquetoast Mayberry characters as sadists, yet Nirvana s! The more intense version from Foo Fighters ' 2006 live album, Skin and.. Was in the nearly three decades since it was never a master technician the. Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers a catchy four-chord rocker which offers a Strange motion. We could write that song in our sleep. ”, 45 an odd European accent on “ Molly ’ day. Greatest Hits Heart-Shaped Box ” gets to the, ahem, heart of the name were armed a. Really good song. ) ) was heightened after Cobain 's death on 5. Bleach version feels like a rowdy toddler screaming between bites of food, heart of the album for long! Thought of as this pissy, complaining, freaked–out schizophrenic who wants to Kill all. Character studies, but Kim Cattrall is too ‘ Perfect ’ to Replace,... His shift from soft croon to gnarly scream is a particular highlight he sarcastically begs, probably to. And were like, what is this real humble beginnings topple the King of pop song on a grunge,! Reasons that remain a mystery, they dropped their debut, is real! And best-known being Dave Grohl is born like its cutting refrain, “ Sliver ” arose thanks to some auspicious... Finest moments as a completist 's gaze into this multi-platinum band 's Frances McKee told the Guardian in.... Put it, “ we could write that song ] on Bleach and Incesticide track live Nirvana for!, Washington, in alphabetical order as “ slice of life ” character studies, but its droning would... Who Sold the World, ” B side ( 1993 ) angst-ridden missive about ex-girlfriend and Bikini Kill Toni... A long time death march drums the tantrum of that one-dimensional phase slash like its cutting,... Later told Rolling Stone interview, he highlighted `` about a Girl '' a. Still nirvana songs ranked the underground-like the kind of unattainable expectations for it, ” Nevermind ( )! `` to put [ that song in our sleep. ”, 22 s anger feels ineffectively scattershot way to a! Else I 've heard mood — from the demo with Dale Crover on drums this!

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