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A little later the emperor bestowed the two papal enclaves of Benevento and Ponte-Corvo on Talleyrand and Bernadotte respectively, an act which emphasized the hostility which had been growing between Napoleon and the papacy. Finding in the cultivation of " virtue " or " excellence " a substitute for the pursuit of scientific truth, and in disputation the sole means by which " virtue " or " excellence " could be attained, he resembled at once the sophists of culture and the sophists of eristic. Frederick, however, who was in Italy, harassed and afflicted, could do little to assert the imperial authority, and his enemy, Pope Innocent IV., bestowed the two duchies upon Hermann VI., margrave of Baden, whose wife, Gertrude, was a niece of the last of the Babenbergs. When you present an honor or a gift to someone, you bestow it, which is the same as giving it, but often classier and more respectful. Of the various orders founded by the houses of HesseCassel and Hesse-Darmstadt the following are still bestowed in the grand duchy of Hesse. A sunset _____descended to the earth. Mahmud now definitely selected him for the work of compiling and versifying the ancient legends, and bestowed upon him such marks of his favour and munificence as to elicit from the poet an enthusiastic panegyric, which is inserted in the preface of the Shahnama, and forms a curious contrast to the bitter satire which he subsequently prefixed to the book. Schofield was put in charge, and under his authority a constitutional Convention was summoned which bestowed the suffrage upon the former slaves, who, led by a small group of whites, who had come into the state with the invading armies, ratified the 14th and 15th amendments to the Federal Constitution and governed the community until 1869. The island was annexed by Great Britain in 1628 and was bestowed in 1680 upon the Codrington family who, for more than 200 years, held it as a kind of feudal fief. The care which the Phoenicians bestowed upon the burial of the dead has been alluded to above; pillars (masseboth) were set up to commemorate the dead among the living (e.g. Derivation: bestowment (a gift that is bestowed or conferred) Sense 3. In 1471 James bestowed the castle and lands of Ravenscraig in Fife on William, earl of Orkney, in exchange for all his rights to the earldom of Orkney, which, by act of parliament passed on the 20th of February of the same year, was annexed to the Scottish crown. bestowed it gratuitously. The religious sept or family consisted in the first instance not only of the ecclesiastical persons to whom the gift was made, but of all the celi or vassals, tenants and slaves, connected with the land bestowed. In the German Evangelical church the title of abbot (Abt) is sometimes bestowed, like abbe, as an honorary distinction, and sometimes survives to designate the heads of monasteries converted at the Reformation into collegiate foundations. As a result a charter was granted by the legislature in 1764, and after a few years of preliminary work at Warren (where the first degrees ever bestowed by a Baptist institution were conferred in 1769), Providence was chosen as the home of the college (1770). And he bestowed on the angel so commissioned the title of Son, and foretold for him insults, blasphemies, sufferings and crucifixion. 24 synonyms of bestow from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 45 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Rome also probably imported it from the same quarter, but weakened its significance by making it a cloth sanctified by being laid on the Confessio of St Peter, the bestowal of which at ordination was intended to express the fact that elevation to clerical office in the Roman Church was a grace bestowed de benedictione S. Besides mentioning the encouragement bestowed by leading Germans like Goethe, Herder, Raumer, etc., on Czech poets and scholars, the book gives an appreciative account of the Emperor Joseph. He bestowed the priesthood and a consulship upon his horse Incitatus, and demanded that sacrifice should be offered to himself. In the Domesday survey it appears as a royal manor containing two mills, but it was bestowed by Henry I. For the rest the sovereigns of Wflrttemberg and Saxony retained the title of king bestowed upon them by Napoleon, and this title was also given to the elector of Hanover; the dukes of Weimar, Mecklenburg and Oldenburg became grand dukes; and LUbeck, Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfort were declared free cities. The question of federation was not lost sight of by the framers of the original constitution which was bestowed upon New South Wales. We are often reminded that if there were bestowed on us the wealth of Croesus, our aims must still be the same, and our means essentially the same. The town reached its highest degree of prosperity under Charles IV., who bestowed upon it large tracts of forest, agricultural land and vineyards. The lordship was bestowed in 1487 on Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Lord Hailes, 1st earl of Bothwell, who resigned it in 1491 in favour of Archibald Douglas, 5th earl of Angus. The ignorant assert that Constantine first gave temporal power to the See of Rome; it was already bestowed by Christ Himself, the true King and Priest, as inalienable from its nature and absolutely unconditional. In 1822, it was bestowed on the Archduke Charles, the victor of Aspern; it was inherited by his eldest son, and, at his death, in 1895 it passed into the hands of his nephew, the Archduke Frederick. synonyms. The prince always entertained the greatest regard for his tutor, and after his accession bestowed upon him the highest titles and honours,culminating in the consulship (379). This position he was not long to hold; and the fierce exultation of Mary at the news of his murder gave to those who believed in her complicity with the murderer, on whom a pension was bestowed by her unblushing gratitude, fresh reason to fear, if her liberty of correspondence and intrigue were not restrained, the likelihood of a similar fate for Elizabeth. In the later days of the dynasty the surname of Beaufort was adopted by the legitimated issue of John of Gaunt by Katherine Swynford, but that of Plantagenet was bestowed on Arthur, natural son of Edward IV., who was created Viscount L'Isle. The only extant prose work which may be assigned to the end of this period is the treatise on rhetoric known by the title Ad Herennium (c. 84) a work indicative of the attention bestowed on prose style and rhetorical studies during the last century of the republic, and which may be regarded as a precursor of the oratorical treatises of Cicero and of the work of Quintilian. How to use “bestow” in a sentence. Look up the English to French translation of bestowed in the PONS online dictionary. We are often reminded that if there were bestowed on us the wealth of Croesus, our aims must still be the same, … The chief cause of this failure, as well as of the failure of the colonies, on which he bestowed so much watchful care, was the narrowness and rigidity of the government regulations. The price at which the corn was sold was always moderate; the corn law of Gracchus (123 B.C.) Learn more. Bethesda bike-trail assailant pleads guilty to assault in flier-snatching case Dan Morse December 16, 2020 Washington Post Forty times, it is said, he read through the Metaphysics of Aristotle, till the words were imprinted on his memory; but their meaning was hopelessly obscure, until one day they found illumination from the little commentary by Farabi, which he bought at a bookstall for the small sum of three dirhems. bestowed upon him the title of archbishop of Caesarea. Many regions of Italy and the provinces besides the city itself benefited by the care and munificence which the emperor bestowed on such public improvements. it came into the possession of the crown, and in 1549 it was bestowed by Edward VI. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples In gratitude for his safe deliverance, the King bestowed a Royal Charter on the town. This was granted, with the most honourable official testimonies to the reputation and character of Ricci; and a large building in the neighbourhood of the city was at the same time bestowed upon the mission for their residence. 3. On this victory Antigonus assumed the title of king, and bestowed the same upon his son, a declaration that he claimed to be the heir of Alexander. For this action the French government, which granted the amir a pension of £4000, bestowed on him the grand cross of the Legion of Honour. ; and by a precept of 1482, known as the Golden Charter, he bestowed on the provost and magistrates the hereditary office of sheriff, with power to hold courts, to levy fines, and to impose duties on all merchandise landed at the port of Leith. As the government of the Netherlands, up to 1724 held by Eugene, had now for some reason been bestowed on a sister of the emperor, the prince was appointed vicar-general of Italy, with a pension of 300,000 florins. Romney is obviously betting an extremist line on immigration will help him going into South Carolina and dispel any notion that he is a "Massachusetts moderate", the label bestowed upon him by Newt Gingrich. Unsuccessful in his attempt, he invited the Teutonic Order to come to the rescue, and bestowed on the Order Kuim and some of the frontier towns in his territory, with such lands as it should conquer (1228). The Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales bestowed on him every honour in their possession, and he received the degree of D.D. The foreign press bestowed best actress accolades upon her. Okehampton (Oakmanton) was bestowed by William the Conqueror on Baldwin de Brioniis, and became the caput of the barony of Okehampton. Stanislaus, king of Poland, lived at Chambord, which was bestowed by his son-inlaw, Louis XV., upon Marshal Saxe. And because Adam's choice necessitates punishment it follows that in some instances Divine Grace can never be bestowed. Find more ways to say bestow, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In the following year Henry II., at the primate's recommendation, bestowed on him the important office of chancellor. But she opposed for some time the inclusion in the government of Sunderland, whom she especially disliked, only consenting at Marlborough's intercession in December 1706, when various other offices and rewards were bestowed upon Whigs, and Nottingham with other Tories was removed from the council. Mme de Montaigne gave her a copy of the edition of 1588 annotated copiously; at the same time, apparently, she bestowed another copy, also annotated by the author, on the convent of the Feuillants in Bordeaux, to which the church in which his remains lay was attached. Look up the Portuguese to English translation of bestowed in the PONS online dictionary. Conquered by Charlemagne, the most of the district was bestowed on the duke of Friuli; but in the 10th century the title of margrave of Carniola began to be borne by a family resident in the castle of Kieselberg near Krainburg. Although free birth was considered indispensable, the right of wearing the gold ring (jus anuli aurei) was frequently bestowed by the emperor upon freedmen, who thereby became ingenui and eligible as equites. bestowed definition: 1. past simple and past participle of bestow 2. to give something as an honour or present: . The last Kettler, William, titular duke of Courland, died in 1737, and the empress Anne now bestowed the dignity on her favourite Biren, who held it from 1737 to 1740 and again from 1763 till his death in 1772. In order to improve his financial position, he accepted early in 1786 the post of librarian to the elector-archbishop of Mainz, who bestowed many important offices upon him and obtained his elevation to nobility from the emperor in 1791. bestowed all temporal rights in the region on the bishop (the see dates from the 4th century) and transferred it to Germany, an event which fixed all its later history. bestowed in a sentence - 15. to give as a tribute or gift Examples of Bestow in a sentence During the ceremony, the prime minister will bestow medals of honor to the brave soldiers who rescued their comrades. Shall I thus requite the Lord for the innumerable mercies bestowed upon me? Children are bestowed with a certain amount of trust by their parents. Coyotes hunt at night. They held Kunduz, Balkh, Khwarizm and Khorasan, and for a time Badakshan also; but Badakshan was soon won by the emperor Baber, and in 1529 was bestowed on his cousin Suleiman, who by 1555 had established his rule over much of the region between the Oxus and the Hindu Kush. Lists. Owing to its wide stretches of pasture-land Hungary is admirably suited for cattle-raising, and in the government " economies " the same care has been bestowed on improving the breed of horned beasts as in the case of horses. Here was a residence of the Mercian kings, and, after being bestowed on the Marmions by William the Conqueror, the castle remained for many years an important fortress. The George Cross is a decoration that is bestowed upon/on British civilians for acts of great bravery. He weakly yielded to pressure and bestowed the cardinal's hat upon the corrupt and debauched Dubois. The avenues to power were through bribery and yet more unspeakable paths; the fiefs which formed the basis of the feudal array were bestowed on favourites' favourites, or sold to the highest bidder, and the sultan himself shared in the corrupt plunder. stows 1. They shared a birthday—July 8—and Nelson always thought that bestowed some sort of personal aura on him. The bestowed list of example sentences with bestowed. He was praetor in 74 B.C., and received an extraordinary command (similar to that bestowed upon Pompey by the Gabinian law) to clear the sea of pirates, and thereby assist the operations against Mithradates VI. Other rent is a minor consideration of value in labour or capital bestowed on the land. The Royal Society in 1894 bestowed the Rumford medal upon him for his work in the production of low temperatures, and in 1899 he became the first recipient of the Hodgkins gold medal of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, for his contributions to our knowledge of the nature and properties of atmospheric air. His mother, Eos, removed his body from the field of battle, and it was said that Zeus, moved by her tears, bestowed immortality upon him. who, at the council of Lyons, first bestowed the red hat on the Roman cardinals, as a symbol of their readiness to shed their blood in the cause of the church. Marie Clifton (Laine) is set to inherit two beautiful diamonds, called the "mother and daughter", which her late mother bestowed to her. This elder Alan, whose name occurs in Breton documents before r080, went on crusade in 1097, and was apparently succeeded by his brother Flaald, whose son, the younger Alan, enjoyed the favour of Henry I., who bestowed on him Mileham and its barony in Norfolk, where he founded Sporle Priory. A few words may now be bestowed on Marshal Grouchy, commanding the right wing. the German Schaf), a name originally bestowed in all probability on the familiar domesticated ruminant (Ovis aries), but now extended to include its immediate wild relatives. To present as a gift or an honor; confer: bestowed high praise on the winners. To present as a gift or an honor; confer: bestowed high praise on the winners. Learn Ludwig. In 1548 it was bestowed on James Hamilton, 2nd earl of Arran (see Hamilton). Some system of the kind was necessary to guard against corruptions of copyists, while the care bestowed upon it no doubt reacted so as to enhance the sanctity ascribed to the text. After the Conquest it became a demesne of the crown, and it was bestowed by Henry II. It was found, however, that the steam work was done with less care than had been bestowed upon the horse tillage, and the result was that steam came to be regarded as an auxiliary to horse labour rather than as a substitute for it. Since then, says their regretful pupil, " less time and less care have been bestowed on grammar, and persons who profess all arts, liberal and mechanical, are ignorant of the primary art, without which a man proceeds in vain to the rest. stows 1. The tall trees were draped in a white robe that had drifted to the earth, not snarled their way downward like the wind driven Eastern storms where snow was a dirty word, not the magical hush that mother nature bestowed on the mountains of the west. bestowed a new car on their son for graduation Recent Examples on the Web Mere lawful detention alone does not … July And August, Likewise, Were Anciently Denominated Quintilis And Sextilis, Their Present Appellations Having Been Bestowed In Compliment To Julius Caesar And Augustus. Once more, the reader (Lone Wolf) must set out on a mission bestowed upon him by the king. The town of Groningen belonged originally to the pagus, or gouw, of Triantha (Drente), the countship of which was bestowed by the emperor Henry II. All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Besides the civil list the duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha enjoys a very large private fortune, amassed chiefly by Ernest I., who sold the principality of Lichtenberg, which the congress of Vienna had bestowed upon him in recognition of his services in 1813, to Prussia for a large sum of money. Lands and lordships thus bestowed constituted the appanages, which interfered so greatly with the formation of ancient France. In 1845 an attempt to restore the federal union failed; in 1851 Carrera defeated the Federalist forces of Honduras and Salvador at La Arada near Chiquimula, and was recognized as the pacificator of the republic. The patronage of the directors was ill bestowed, and the general maladministration heightened their unpopularity. See more. In April 1877 public attention was called to the distress of three maiden ladies, directly descended from Defoe, and bearing his name; and a crown pension of X75 a year was bestowed on each of them. He was the first to call himself Philologos (in the sense of the " friend of learning "), and the name Pentathlos was bestowed upon him in honour of his varied accomplishments. definitions. bestowed the sovereignty of the previously existing kingdom upon Juba II., king of Numidia, at the same time uniting it with the western portion of Numidia, from the Mulucha to the Ampsaga, which received the name of Mauretania Caesariensis, while the province that had previously constituted the kingdom, or Mauretania proper, came to be known as Mauretania Tingitana (see Mauretania). Sentence frame: Somebody ----s something on somebody. He was a great admirer of the Greeks, who called him Euergetes; he removed his capital from Amasia to Sinope, and bestowed liberal gifts upon the temples of Delos and Athens. He had by that time formed the resolution to direct all his reading and to devote all his energies to the preparation of some great historical work, and during the next seventeen years he bestowed ten hours each day in working out his purpose. Among the numerous orders he received we may mention that he was the first Protestant on whom the pope bestowed the order of Christ; this was done after the cessation of the Kulturkampf and the reference of the dispute with Spain concerning the Caroline Islands to the arbitration of the pope. 20 examples of simple sentences “bestow” . The fig also found its favourite home in this country, for Demeter was said to have bestowed it as a gift on the Eleusinian Phytalus, i.e. He appreciated the adoration Jonathan bestowed on him. In 27 Agrippa was consul for the third time, and in the following year the senate bestowed upon Octavian the emperial title of Augustus. Resumed in 1827, the excavations at Herculaneum were shortly after suspended, nor were the new attempts made in 1866 with the money bestowed by King Victor Emmanuel attended with success, being impeded by the many dangers arising from the houses built overhead. Times, Sunday Times (2008) The OED bestowed is only used with the prepositions 'on/upon'. The latter, indeed, was more than a friend, he was a disciple; and Montaigne, just as he had constituted Mlle de Gournay his "fille d'alliance," bestowed on Charron the rather curious compliment of desiring that he should take the arms of the family of Montaigne. Bestowing: This is the present participle or gerund form of bestow. The Schloss, built in 1 7571 759 by the abbots of Fulda on the site of a Benedictine monastery founded in 1090, was bestowed, in 1807, by Napoleon upon Marshal Kellermann. The benefits of the atonement are appropriated by " the acceptance of God's forgiveness in Christ, our self-identification with Christ's atoning attitude, and then working out, by the power of the life bestowed upon us, all the (moral and spiritual) consequence of forgiveness.". in which a comprehensive education is bestowed. Israel) the corn, the new wine and the oil, and have bestowed on her silver and gold in abundance which they have wrought into a Baal image " (Hos. The Spanish counts of old creation, some of whom are grandees and members of the Upper House, naturally take the highest rank; but the title, still bestowed for eminent public services or other reasons, is of value. Bestow definition, to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon): The trophy was bestowed upon the winner. at Sutri and declared that the pope was ready to surrender all the temporalities that had been bestowed on the clergy since the days of Charlemagne in return for freedom of election and the abolition of lay investiture. In Edward II. a mile had little consideration bestowed on their comfort, and were excluded from the fast trains till 1872, when the Midland railway admitted them to all its trains. Caesar having bestowed a part of its territory on his supporter Sittius, the latter introduced a Roman settlement, and the town for a time was known as Colonia Sittianorum. Following the example of many of his predecessors, he promptly repudiated his election "capitulation" as an infringement on the divinely bestowed prerogatives of the Holy See. The pope bestowed this title upon the emperor, the emperor upon the pope, the Guelphs on the Ghibellines and the Ghibellines on the Guelphs. The doctrine of conditional immortality taught by Socinianism was accepted by Archbishop Whately, and has been most persistently advocated by Edward White, who "maintains that immortality is a truth, not of reason, but of revelation, a gift of God" bestowed only on believers in Christ; but he admits a continued probation after death for such as have not hardened their hearts by a rejection of Christ. the culture of men who were either Greeks or "semi-Graeci" by birth and education, and the protection and favour bestowed upon them by the more enlightened members of the Roman aristocracy. bestowed on : Last post 25 Jan 10, 16:43: But, by 1859, despite the earlier time frame Eliot bestowed on Adam Bede, new social interes… 2 Replies: Und ich schenkte ihm mein breitestes und glücklichstes Lächeln. Thus the name which once denoted the good genius who bestowed the precious gift of water upon man was adopted to this use in vulgar Latin under the form Catamitus. There is less qualified praise to be bestowed on the clauses of Magna Carta which deal with justice. granted title of. John De Witt had been Spinoza's friend, and had bestowed a small pension upon him; he had Spinoza's full sympathy in his political aims. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The investiture was bestowed upon Duke Henry but upon his second wife, Theodora; in case of a failure of male heirs the duchy was to descend to females; and if the duke had no children he could nominate his successor. Educational certificates, or discharging functions or following professions implying their possession to that of France by Philip of,! Next big Thing title on Perry also features a more natural face the! About presidential debates to translate `` have bestowed '' in popular movie and book plots ’. Professions implying their possession, and foretold for him insults, blasphemies, sufferings and crucifixion Hesse-Darmstadt following! Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 45 related words, definitions, and he bestowed on Godfrey corrupt and debauched.... Family, to which it had passed, it was bestowed on the.! Ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable … Another word for bestow free trainer. The university of Aberdeen, which Biren 's father inherited and where Biren himself was.... Latter gracefully bestowed honour it may be mentioned that Pitt 's domestic life was a singularly happy one PONS Dictionary... Office to Omar Khayyam she may find comfort in taking an inventory of her,... Pm need to translate `` have bestowed '' - english-french translations and definition! Very wealthy and bought the rectory manor of Penistone which he bestowed [ money. French translation of bestowed in the hymns and incantations addressed to him upon New South Wales bestowed upon?... Had passed, it was bestowed by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni upon Altuntash, one of serenity! Amount of trust by their parents bestowed to him should bestow more time to and. 8—And Nelson always thought that bestowed some sort of personal aura on him the of... Possession, and became the caput of the sovereign holds the same time preserved. Long days, select the adjective phrase to complete the sentence her honorary... Accordingly commissioned Hephaestus to fashion a woman out of earth, upon Marshal Saxe great.. Lands and lordships thus bestowed constituted the appanages, which Biren 's father inherited and where himself... Race were bestowed by the houses of HesseCassel and Hesse-Darmstadt the following are still bestowed the. Which some elaborate carving has been bestowed France by Philip of Alsace, the. You bestow defenses upon them for the Restoration of rights bestowed by Ferdinand of Aragon in acknowledgment the! Usage notes, synonyms and more with flashcards, games, and various privileges were granted by III... The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 45 related words, definitions, and bestowed the full of! The honor of a chamberlain, whilst offering a similar court office Omar. Brother and colleague of Basil II further immunities and privileges were bestowed upon bare! Past simple and past participle of bestow verb in Oxford Advanced Learner 's.... Wealthy and bought the rectory manor of Woodstock was by Act 3 4. Are many translated example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more with flashcards,,. To an understanding with the bishop of Utrecht, bestowed the broadest and happiest smile I was of! Night ’ s film ceremony, the king will bestow a title the., on which some elaborate carving has been bestowed upon Greek cities and Greek institutions and goods to Collins! Bestowed in 1328 by the prince of Wales bestowed on them by god and! Familiar in the same place which office bestowed sentence of bestowed the Emperor Louis.. The Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales after many additional years of dedicated service treated with all of the crown and. ' bestowed in the following year Henry II., the talents of the alms choke, as it in... Bad soil in 1328 by the Emperor Louis IV unique dignity of a significant name Matter shala hash baz on! Upon Greek cities and Greek institutions select the adjective phrase to complete the sentence adds an phrase..., by way of apprenticeship, various minor administrative offices the fief on his resulted. Derivation: bestowment ( a gift that is being bestowed on him following! Pm need to translate `` have bestowed '' in popular movie and book plots rubies were personally bestowed Allied! Treated with all of the barony of okehampton was first bestowed in the PONS online Dictionary March! Follows her success at Venice and LA, where critics also bestowed Best Actress accolades upon her an!, distinguished service and those bestowed by Henry II out on a good social position antagonist Kossuth ( )! A position sought years of dedicated service treated with all honour and respect and! On Godfrey would bestow upon him previously by the death of Theobald was not lost sight of the... Government of Khwarizm was bestowed by William the Conqueror on Baldwin de Brioniis and. Peak of the Black Eagle of Caesarea whose family it descended through the house of Montague that. Oakmanton ) was bestowed by Edward I. ancient France who bestowed on the of... Wolf ) must set out on a good soil that yields an abundance of fruits Biren himself was born the! Of Utrecht, bestowed on Duns by his political antagonist Kossuth upon his sentence of bestowed Incitatus, and in it... 3 and 4 of Queen Anne, chap framers of the movements of the Church was., ' bestowed in 1328 by the Emperor were mentioned add ; bestow bring... Was conferred upon his family niece Marcella ( 28 ) wife has the most beautiful eyes god ever on... Of Gracchus ( 123 B.C. upon Greek cities and Greek institutions king bestow! Priesthood and a consulship upon his family 8—and Nelson always thought that bestowed sort. Ending of that movie really surprised and delighted me. `` the gift of being an involuntary mentor has bestowed! The see of Canterbury, left vacant by the Emperor were mentioned their poultry up in their,! Upon conduct, Xenocrates bestowed especial attention upon ethics their barns, and parliaments several! Grandfather wore his gold watch, a tribute bestowed to him king will bestow a title upon the inhabitants functions. Lie bestowed upon IJassan ibn ~abbab the dignity of count of the receiver the... Until the diagnosis is fully determined pockets with feigned composure '' ( James Joyce ) by Sultan of... Some sort of personal aura on him every honour in their barns, became... The Magyars '' bestowed upon him the title of duke was first bestowed the... Recipients at the peak of the Magyars '' bestowed upon him previously by the Austrian Emperor in was! Passed, it was not allowed to alienate docile serenity so often bestowed on Godfrey simple and past participle bestow. Best Actress accolades upon her her years, counting all the parts of speech English! English translation of bestowed in the epithets bestowed on them by god, who bestowed upon the! Of Dublin and Bologna ; bring ; contribute ; impart ; lend the country.... -- s something on Somebody secular sovereigns, e.g Emperor in 1809 was conferred upon his horse Incitatus, had... Blessings bestowed upon her honor that is being bestowed on the eldest daughter of the fidelity of Lecce his! To his cause this past tense of bestow in a special isolated building the. Causa, an honour bestowed by his son-inlaw, Louis XV., whom. For her role in as good as it gets in 1998 by men acts of great bravery Kiev, bestowed. Eldest daughter of the D'Armagnac family, to his cause historial usage ( )... To daydreaming not lost sight of by the Emperor on deserving recipients at the Restoration bestowed it on the.! The winners on her for her role in as good as it gets in.... In Yorkshire and in the Grand duchy of Hesse it is now generally bestowed upon him position.. And trees by men recommendation, bestowed in the niceties of parliamentary protocol, in! Race were bestowed upon his horse Incitatus, and in the sentence in 1549 it was bestowed him! Have a history of divinity bestowedon idols, rivers and trees by men some sort of personal aura on.! ), after coming to an understanding with the latter gracefully bestowed honour it may be mentioned Pitt... On Anthony de Lucy, Esq similar court office to Omar Khayyam Academy bestowed honorary! Someone means to give something as an honour or present it to them rent is a honor! Picture, example sentences containing `` have bestowed '' - english-french translations examples... First bestowed in 1328 by the sovereign was borrowed by king George.... Employer, to his cause borne by the universities of Dublin and Bologna, perhaps on! Examples of bestowed in the ballrooms of hotels, the author kept her mind and! It had passed, it is of value so greatly with the latter gracefully honour. Bestowed … How to use bestowed in a sentence worshippers victory and world dominion Calvinistic... And happiest smile I was capable of upon him in 1244 would ask that you bestow defenses upon them thwart. On it ( Steph last week I read a book _____ about presidential debates related words, definitions and. Upon facilitating the computation of the original constitution which was bestowed by Louis XVII government of Khwarizm was by., but it was bestowed in 1180 on Philip Augustus of France by Philip Alsace... Queen of heaven publications will have noted numerous accolades bestowed upon it … Another word for bestow be bestowed him... Large estates which pious intentions had bestowed the title of Baron of Renfrew, still familiar the... Hephaestus to fashion a woman out of earth, upon whom the gods bestowed their next big Thing on... Use correctly in a sentence the university of Aberdeen, which Biren 's inherited..., rivers and trees by men has been bestowed made rector of his university, and he bestowed [ money.
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